Who we are.

SmartHome Assurance is Hometown Small and Hometown Friendly. The team that makes up SmartHome Assurance, knows the meaning of value and what value means to our customer, You. Our team is made up of local professionals with crafts an abilities to make every aspect of your experience with us Hometown easy. Consider us your neighbor. Here when you need us. We are based in Pine Bluff Arkansas where most of us have grown up from birth, raised our children❤️, our dogs and cats ❤️, and settled our roots. We are here to help you, our friend and neighbor, live your life with a peace of mind knowing, when an appliance breaks or the faucet leaks, "it will be taken care of." We are local enough for you to drive to our location and share a laugh or a smile. We want you to be happy to be our neighbor and our customer. With a long background in HVAC, SmartHome Assurance knows the importance of taking care of the things that keep you comfortable in life. With the easy plans that SmartHome Assurance offers, you have a peace of mind that you can still enjoy a night out with family and not have to worry about the expense of your broken refrigerator or range. We also offer a wide range of Handyman services that includes carpentry and remodeling. If you need your trim fixed or a door leveled, we have someone to do that too. SmartHome Assurance wants to be your one-stop-shop to make your house a home. Request a plan quote or home improvement project quote. Tell us what YOU need.